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The Carter Institute offers real advantages over holding celebrations in an hotel.

  • The cost will be substantially less.
  • The event will be more intimate.
  • The event timing can be totally tailored to your requirement with no constraints on over running. 
  • The main hall can be decorated and laid out by you in any fashion you like, with as much preparation time as you wish.
  • Your catering choices are varied and much lower cost than an hotel. You can have anything between casual snacks to michelin star standard food. In the spring and summer you have the additional advantage of incorporating the front lawn into your event.                                                    

The gallery opposite will give you a flavour of what is possible.

Call or email if you have a requirement that you wish to discuss.

The Carter Institute ​is an ideal venue in which to host a family celebration or social event. We host everything from christenings, baby showers, birthdays, engagements, weddings, funerals, musical events, quiz nights, competions, etc. We can also assist with catering.                  

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