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Clanfield Village News 

Clanfield Village News is designed to be a notice board with which to communicate urgent information to the community.It complements the Clanfield What! 

We often have reason to alert the community to issues of urgent concern. Examples have been the rapid evolution of the AGGROW campaign, warning of flooding, crime, the need to canvass the opinion of the community, loss of a dog or  another pet.

Dogs are often found roaming away from home. Most do not speak adequate english or have ID tags and the only way of reporting the pet missing has been via post office, pub and prayer.

A resource now exists to assist with early retrieval of a lost dog or other pet. PETBACK

Another dog related example was an apparent spate of dog thefts in rural areas around Witney and Faringdon during May-August. News of this awful criminal practice was spread over weeks by word of mouth, notices on telegraph poles , street corners, pubs and shop windows. The story also became exaggerated with each telling, creating something of an unneccessary panic.

In this case what was required was a web based resource on which accurate information could be shared, including for example photographs of missing pets or reports of unusual activity with associated vehicles seen in the area of the thefts. The incidence of dog thefts appears to have diminished locally- as far as we know! However not all are reported to the police.Be vigilant, the common  elements to each report were that the dogs were stolen from outside kennels or runs. If this is the case there would also have been an inevitable "white van" close by.

We are sure there will be many more instances of similar issues in which early dissemination of news to the community will be will be of value.

If you have news of value to the community , please dont hesitate to contact us by email.In most cases urgent news will be posted the same day or next day latest. Please check this page regularly.

If you wish to canvass community opinion on community related issues do it here. Contact us.


Post any lost or found dogs or other pets here.

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