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Monday Drop In Lunch

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Monday Drop In Lunch

In the latter part of 2004 the Anglican and Methodist churches in Clanfield got together and discussed what we could do to draw more people into the life and community of our village. By January 2005 a plan had emerged and a generous benefactor gave us

£500 to get started; we had decided to serve homemade soup, roll and butter, tea, coffee and biscuits. It was to be free of charge, just turn up and enjoy a tasty light lunch, friendly company and catch up on village news!

‘The What?’ the monthly magazine for Clanfield did a piece to announce that we were opening on 7th February 2005 at noon, everyone welcome. That first Monday we had two visitors and six helpers!
How things have moved on since that day; numbers increased each week and we were asked to put a bowl out for donations so people could show their appreciation! Over the years we have used the donations mainly for local charities. We now have about sixty regulars – not all at the same time thankfully – but on average 20/30 visitors weekly.

We have a wide age range, from babies through to over 90yrs!  Fortunately we are able to call on some very willing ladies and gentlemen to prepare and clear up each week and a wonderful team of soup makers – our soup has to be tried to be believed, it is so tasty and such variety!

Sadly the Methodist church closed in 2009 but we all kept working together as Christians in Clanfield and trust that we continue to grow and flourish.​

If you would like to volunteer some time we would love to hear from you. Call John or Nancie Greatrex on 01367 810604


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