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Our challenge is to maintain the Carter Institute to the highest standard possible and to continually seek to optimize and extend use of the facility. The harsh reality is that maintenance of a period building to the current standard of the Carter Institute is expensive with considerable annual outlays.The Carter Institute is maintained soley by the Carter Charity legacy,income from property rental,hire fees and donations from members of the community.Many members of the community do not know that we receive no support from local government.

We have many friends in the community and The Carter Institute Management Committee thanks all who have given financial donations or offered professional skills to assist with refurbishment and repairs and development of this web site.

If you are in a position to assist with any level of financial donation or perhaps a donation of time and have a trade or skill that you would offer to assist with occassional repairs - your help will be enormously appreciated and you will have the satisfaction of contributing to the preservation of The Carter Institute for generations to come.


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