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Clanfield and Bampton Historical Society

Outside of farming, he was a keen amateur local historian. A founder member of the Clanfield Historical Society, he submitted several contributions to the Agricultural History Review and his first published work on the Mystery of White Horse Hill appeared in 1964. Several other publications appeared over the years.
He spent a number of years researching the history of Clanfield, completing his work in the final three years of his life. He died in 1983, before he could have his book published. It is to his memory, that we publish his work now.

Thanks are due to Rosemarie Pocock, who typed the script from longhand, Ken Mumford and Rosemary Church who helped proof-read it, and Ian Welch who photocopied it. Also very grateful thanks to Ian and Carmen Smith, who typeset, designed and prepared it ready for print, to Ernest's sister, Jean Pocock, who took up the work and oversaw it nearly to publication but who passed away in 1997, and to his daughter, Rosemary, who subsequently took charge of the project and saw it through to its conclusion, and to the many others who gave the project their encouragement and support so that future generations can read about the history of his beloved village of Clanfield.​

To purchase this book email Ernest's daughter Rosemary at


Ernest A.Pocock 1921-1983

Ernest Pocock was born in 1921, the 3rd generation of the family to grow up in Clanfield. He attended Burford Grammar School, where he won a scholarship to Jesus College, Oxford, in 1939. However, the declaration of war curtailed his scholastic activities, and he reverted to full-time food production on the family farm, and also saw service in the Home Guard. In1951he married Joan Willmer, of Friars Court, and subsequently they had two sons and a daughter.

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