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We have no other purpose than support of the community

The Carter Institute Clanfield was constructed in1906, funded by our benefactor Amelia Carter. In the intervening 106 years the Carter Institute has offered the community a space in which to care for the wounded of WW1, celebrate several generations of family events, nurture our children, teach new skills to young and old and offer a meeting place for groups and associations within the community.

A fabric of the community for 106 years.

The Carter Institute Clanfield has stood in this prominent position in the Village for 106 years.  When we look at photographs of the time, very little has changed to the look and ambience of the village. This web site offers an insight into the rich history of Clanfield and the Carter Institute  and illustrates the advantages and facilities of our fabulous period property and hall. The Carter Institute remains an ideal location for family celebrations and groups of like minded people of any age to share common interests. We host wedding parties, engagement parties, christenings, childrens parties, discos, birthdays, funerals, spontaneous parties, BBQ's, art shows, art classes, music events, training courses, parish council meetings, Clanfield Toddlers Group, gymnastics classes, self defence classes, Clanfield WI, Clanfield and Bampton Historical Society, Clanfield Snooker Club, fundraising events, Monday Drop In Lunch, business events such as presentations, seminars, clothes sales and many other types of community and business meetings.

ROOTED IN THE COMMUNITY  SINCE 1906                    


           Start a club? Volunteer?

We encourage the creation of new clubs and welcome existing clubs and associations who seek a new meeting place. Our rates are very reasonable, our heated hall and meeting rooms are well maintained and our well fitted kitchen and toilet facilities are immaculatey clean.

If you require help with catering for your event we can assist with that too.

You will find details of all of the community activities that we host on this web site. Please contact the sponsors of the activities for further information..





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