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Local Services​

The Services Directory offers an easy to navigate directory of local services to ensure fastest response to a requirement for a service.


For advertisers there are several advantages to advertising here.Our directory categorises services to enable fast navigation to services sought. We provide a significant space in which to promote your business. Your ad can include multiple colour pictures. You can include an extensive description of your services or product. You can create an ad of any size to ensure optimum presentation of your services or product. You can include a map to assist customers find you, especially useful if your business is in a rural area. You can change the content and format of your ad within 24 hrs.

Our advertising rates are very low and therefore cost effective.

Let us know if we can assist you to promote your business in Clanfield.First Month Free!


Electrical, Plumbing, Decorating, Building, Plastering, Windows, Cleaning, Furnishing, Kitchen, Sweeps, Fuel


Gardening Services, Garden Equipment, Garden Equipment Repair, Garden Supplies


Health Services and Products, Beauty Services and Products, 


Restaurants, Pubs, Coffee Shops, Take Aways, Catering Services 


Cars, Motorcyles, Mechanical Repairs, Electronic Repairs,Tyres, Accesories, MOT, Body Repairs, Spare Parts


Business Services, Business Supplies


Sport, Clubs , Associations, Sports Equipment, Equipment Repair Services


Pet Care, Vets, Pet Shops, Dog Walking, Kennels

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